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Timothy Stuetz, Author

"I am so thrilled with the Personal Vision Painting and Consultation that I received from you. It confirmed some things I had been envisioning for myself and opened my eyes to so many new possibilities!"

Brian Carey

"I was lucky enough to have Vrindaji do one of her Spirit Art Vision Paintings of me a while back. It is one of my favorite artworks. When I look at it, I see little messages that help me in the moment. Most importantly it reminds me to bring focus back to my heart. I will always appreciate how one painting can stir up so much each time I see it. Thank you Vrindaji."

Spirit Seeker Periodical

 "Though much of Vrindaji's art attracts through whimsy, at a deeper level we find a call to prayer from the holy child within. This is the "amazing grace" of her creativity, it offers us spiritual nourishment through delight.''

Published by

Mystic Valley, St. Louis, MO.

David Behlke

"The paintings of Marie Clare Bowman draw us into dimensions of spirit within beauty, wit, and movement like a dance. Here is a painter who lets "paint be paint," and shows it, and this is something not easily seen these days." 

Koa Gallery, Honolulu, HI

Brochure of Art Show. 

Edgar Allen Beem

"The most original work in the show is by Billie Bowman, She presents fragments and moments from an entirely other universe in wildly colorful and often playful paintings."

Published by Maine Times

Philip Isacson

"Her freedom in brushwork creates a realm of joy and zing, which is the work's delight. There's no other work like it in town."

Published by

Honolulu Star Bulletin

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